How to incorporate storytelling in e-learning

There are many methods that a teacher could use when it comes to teaching. Learning could also vary depending on the ages of the students and so teachers should be able to adjust to them. as they are trained so they know what they could use so that the learning would be enjoyable. But there are still times where teachers are having a hard time to teach effectively subjects that might be specific or general subjects. In this infographic is the ways to integrating storytelling into teaching.

Many people already know about teaching and learning but the infographic above give some insight that is forgotten even if they appear to be basic. There are ways for a specific teacher that he or she can use when they teach because students also have their own perceptions and so there should be a common thing for them so they could understand each other. One of the tips that are given above is that you should use visual and not just words.

Having a picture or illustration to see is way much better than reading words and then they have to remember them. There are people who also learn more than the pure words. If they are short then they could be remembered. But as information piles up, they could be confusing. That is why there is a need for a short but could be understood presentation and focus or emphasized on certain keywords that are very helpful in remembering the lesson.