Relationship Experts: Why they say Romance Novel is Bad

There are many different so-called experts all over the world. Among them, there are those who consider themselves as relationship experts or love experts. What is their role in the society? Actually, they are the ones whom people seek for advice regarding love and relationships. Some people, especially women want to know if a man is the right one for them.

Since they doubt, they would ask a relationship expert. The relationship expert would then ask some questions to the woman or sometimes even men seek advice from a relationship expert.

Relationship experts can give both good and helpful advice to someone. In this article, you will know about the reason why these experts say that reading romance novel is bad. They say so because they believe that romance novels give unreasonable expectation to women. Romance novels are stories created by the wild imagination of authors. Usually, the love story between two people in a romance novel have a happy ending and get to travel in the best places they want with this travel agency service help 台胞證申請. So, when readers especially women finish reading a romance novel, they are hoping to have the same ending.

Every romance novel reader must know that not all love relationships will last. Reality is totally different from the stories in romance novels. Although novels give inspiration and encouragement to readers, one thing should never be forgotten. The characters in every romance novel are merely based on the imagination of the author. Most characters, especially the hero is someone whom most women dream to be with throughout their lifetime 台胞證. However, in reality, that hero don’t exist.