Printed Books vs. E-books: Is there a Difference?

In this article, you will know about printed books and e-books. Do you think these two are different? Of course there is surely a difference. Before you can finally know if it is different or not, all readers of both printed books and electronic books or e-book must know that both are necessary. Actually, the only difference between the two are their advantages and disadvantages. You can also know in this article about some of the advantages and disadvantages of printed books and the e-book.

Printed Books

Let’s start with the printed books. Before the e-book appeared, readers actually enjoyed reading printed books everywhere they are. Page by page, readers are so excited to know what happens next. Sometimes, you can find typographical errors in almost all printed books. That’s one of the disadvantages of it. Also, some books are thick and heavy. Some books are also handy. See this travel agency help for your to achieve best passport photo 證件照 規定. If a reader wants traditional way of learning, then he would always carry with him a book or even a couple of books.


It is not much different with the printed book actually. But, the e-book is more preferred by teenagers and young adults or students. Why? Almost all published books of different genre are available online. The reader will just need to download any book he wants. He can enjoy reading wherever he is and he can choose any book he wants to read. Unlike printed books that are heavy to carry, the e-book is very much handy. Best when you travel having your card here 卡式台胞證費用. You only need a tablet, smartphone or a computer.