Looking into the life and work of Hemingway and Fitzgerald

If you are in the literary topic, there are notable names that are being mentioned. They are known to many generations and their influence or impact seem very powerful. The people who have these names had lived in their specific period of being in the literary sector. They had made their own contribution and so they are known for that. If you will say the names of Fitzgerald and also Hemingway, many will agree that they are popular. But how much do you know about them?

Many people are known for what they had contributed to the world. That are the ones that they are being remembered for. It is good because as they have contributed something so we should be able to remember them for that. But there is something exciting when you come to know the life of those famous people. That is because there are also things that affect them like ordinary people. There struggle to their self and the relationship they have with others just like other people.

Seeing the comparison of the life of the two writers above, it is interesting to see that they also lived a life like other people who had to undergo the same process like marriage, birth and also death. Along those life events, they also have their own stories and they also have their own family and children. In the case of Fitzgerald, he only has one daughter. He was even a dropout and did not finished schooling.