Why Read Short Stories

Reading is one of the hobbies of many people and they find it entertaining and also fulfilling. But many people had the reason for not reading because they are very busy. When you see a thick novel, you will wonder when you will finish it. In this times, it is common to want to read short ones and also watch videos in a short setting. We can spend much time on the internet but we will say we cannot finish reading a novel. That is why you should read a short story.

A short story is not just meant for there long as they also vary but it is a faster pace compared to novels. You can enjoy the advantage of being able to finish to read a story in just a short time. In a novel, you do not know when you will finish it but in a short story, you can be able to predict.

Reading short stories also will allow you to read stories of various authors in a lesser time than novels.

You can also read various types of genres. As you can finish some in minutes or in an hour if it is a collection then you can also feel the satisfaction of being able to have read. Even for a short time but you had the opportunity to refresh your mind and body. This is a good way to encourage someone to read. As they are shorter they do not have the excuse of being busy.